the 0wner 0f the bl0g

the 0wner 0f the bl0g

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

good story for u alls :)

hello peeps :) now i am happy with a new guy :) he is very loving n caring .. im glad to have him .. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ... Thanx Allah .. u had give me a nice guy .. rather than i have to be with him ... he is very selfishh .. he is a playboy ..hahhahahahah .. on my opinion lhaa :) I hope that we will be together f0rever :) I love u sygg .. now i am missing u sygg ~~ u are in Melaka right now .. but .. its oukeyhh .. i will wait for another 2 weeks for u sygg .. nnti kite bbm lagii k .. hahahahahhaah :D love u sygg .. bubyee ..

Thanx Allah coz u had give the right way for my life :)

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